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The Ultra-Align by Sigma Instruments and Activator Methods Instrument are two of the most researched and most gentle adjusting techniques available.    We offer ChiroHealth USA discount membership to help make chiropractic more affordable.  Insurance prices vary based on your provider.  We accept Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare.  We also offer payment plans to help you get the results you want without the heavy up front cost.  Our goal is to help you feel better.  

The prices vary depending on how much is needed to be done to help you the most. 

Cash Price***CHUSA Price
New Patient Exam 99203*  
     $175     $50
Existing Patient Exam or Re-Exam 99212*
     $100     $50
Adjustment 1-2 Regions**
     $55     $35
Adjustment 3-4 Regions**
     $70     $35
Extremity Adjustment**
     $55     $35
Exercise Instruction
     $65     $40
Activity of Daily Living Instruction
     $65     $40
     $35     $25
Laser Treatment
     $35     $25
Interferential Current
     $35     $25
Customized Orthotics (payment plan available)
  *varies    *varies

*More detailed and less detailed exams may be performed depending upon your condition. These exams are the ones performed most often.

** The "Regions" of chiropractic are: Cervical (neck), Thoracic (mid-back), Lumbar (low-back), Sacrum (above the tailbone aka the lowest part of the low back), Pelvis (what you sit on and your pubic bone); Extremities are arms, legs, feet, hands, jaw, skull and ribs on your front side.

***Insurance prices vary depending upon your insurer; Co-pays also vary so your office visit will be in line with your agreement with your insurance carrier. Some people with high deductibles choose CHUSA.


Nutrition Response Testing
This is suited for those who want to handle long term health issues and are not getting the results they want or need.  A personalized plan is created for you. 

$175 Intake, $55 per visit.  Payment plans available.  Family and child discounts available.

Muscle Testing Wellness Visit
The Wellness Visit is for you to have a muscle testing analysis done for basic wellness - if you are sick, suspect you have parasites or toxicity issues or just want a basic check.    Recommendations for diet and supplements to support your health will be given.  A follow-up visit may or may not be recommended.  A personalized plan is not provided.

Heart Sound Recorder
The sounds that are heard through a stethoscope are recorded and analyzed to determine any possible nutritional deficiencies.  Supplements are recommended as well as a 3 month follow up to determine what further changes might be needed.

Functional Medicine
Prices vary depending on tests..  
Initial visit: $175. 

Toxins & Allergies

Purification Program  - Supplements vary depending upon your program.  It is recommended that you schedule a Muscle Testing Wellness Visit to determine which program is right for you.    Basic program prices range from $261.21 to $280.96 including tax, not including the Wellness Visit.   Other supplements may be recommended depending on your health challenges and goals.

Hair Analysis - The Hair Analysis determines what metals are in your body and what supplements you will need to have them removed. 

     Initial lab with interpretation and supplement recommendation  $165.00
     Re-assessment after 3 months $140.00
     Personalized diet plan $50.00

Make-up and personal care- Toxins in the make-up you wear affect hormones and can create other problems in your body.  Environmental Working Group regulates the toxins in personal care products.  BeautyCounter is a high quality personal care and make-up company that is also Environmental Working Group Certified. 

Muscle Testing Wellness Visit (see above)

Advanced Allergy Clearing Technique Assessment
Muscle Testing Assessment for non-NRT patients.  Includes vitals, symptom survey & assessment $175.00
Follow up AACT visits $55.00 for up to 5 vials.

Services and prices subject to change.

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